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Aloha facilitates capital for corporations


Introduces the perfect business loan


Aloha’s proposals are prepared in 48 hours


Aloha’s consultative and financial engineering services help corporation secure financing for:

Merger & Acquisitions

Debt Consolidation

Pay-off Existing Loans

Business Expansion

Accounts Payable Financing

Accounts Receivable Financing

Inventory Financing

Real Estate (Bridge Loans, Permanent)

Mezzanine Options

Subordinated Debt Financing

Cash Flow Justified Term Loans

Management Buy-Out Financing

Financing From $1.0 up to $250.0 MM + USD

Borrowers, Brokers and Intermediaries Welcome

Master Game Plan

Corporate Loan Strategies
The Aloha loan is engineered to not default
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For Immediate Response Please Contact Us

For Telephone Assistance, Please Include Telephone Number And Full Name

If you have a specific project, which requires immediate attention, please note the dollar amount of the loan request and time-frame for completion.

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