• About Success
  • Success attracts success and Aloha has taken steps to establish alliance relationships with a select group of partners. These alliances enable us to deliver additional, specialized expertise in creative and technical areas such as business processes, functional domain knowledge, industry expertise, and vendor product experience. In addition, they enable us to tap specialized training and customized support at a moment’s notice.
    We use a disciplined approach to identify firms whose products and services meet our strict quality tests, such as top-quartile rankings by Gartner or Forrester.
    We establish alliances with two key principles in mind:
    • We always do what is in the best interests of our clients, not our alliance partners.
    • We do not let alliance relationships affect our solution recommendations.
    We maintain a vision-independent perspective at all times.
    We approach each client situation with a solution independent perspective. We will leverage our alliance relationships, where appropriate, to ensure effective delivery. But, we do not allow alliances to influence our recommendations.
    We have developed alliances to benefit your business.
    Our alliances span the industries we serve. And we select partners that broaden our ability to serve our clients—fulfilling needs that we may not be able to address.
    Alliances with high-quality organizations are an important part of what we offer. But we want it to be perfectly clear that when we involve an alliance partner as part of a project, we are doing so because it benefits your business, not our bottom line. This policy is part of our commitment to creating a solution that is 100-percent aligned with your goals.
    The Collective Know